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Bottoms Up- Buffalo Appearance April 1, 2011

Kylie Johnson recently made an appearance in her hometown at the Buffalo, NY
Bottoms UP
Kylie posed for fan photos

Kylie in more fan photos!  
 Kylie's choice for the Hot Bod Contest

Kylie judged the Hot Bod contest

Kylie judged the Booty shaking contest

Kylie thanks the Bottoms Up crew for their hospitality!

Now THAT'S a real Fan!

And we thought "marriage was the ultimate commitment until we saw this tattoo of Kylie

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Kylie Johnson, Miss February 2011 is seen
again in the April 2011 issue!

In the "Hangin With Hef" section, Kylie Johnson is pictured with Hef at a recent Movie Night at the Playboy Mansion

Kylie Johnson is also pictured in a new ad for the Playboy Casting Calls.  Kylie was discovered at a Toronto Casting Call in September 2010.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

411Mania Interviews: Kylie Johnson
Posted by Steve Gustafson on 03.03.2011

411's Steve Gustafson talks with Miss February about her photoshoot, how her life has changed, and more in an exclusive interview!

Don't let the Miss February tag fool you when it comes to Kylie Johnson. Yes, she's beautiful, but she's so much more. From her choice of music to her college career, Kylie is full of surprises. She took time from both her Playboy schedule and her college responsibility to talk to me about what's going on with her.

Steve Gustafson: Kylie, thanks again for taking time to do the interview. I know you're busy so let's get into it! How did you first hear you were going to be Miss February?

Kylie Johnson: I was first flown to LA, after a week or so of being there, Hef approved my Centerfold and I was told while I was still in the studio shooting that I was Miss February 2011.

Steve Gustafson: Nice! No sweaty palms in anticipation. They knew what they were looking for and you were it! How was the photoshoot? Were you nervous?

Kylie Johnson: The photoshoot was a lot of work but it was also so much fun! I wasn't nervous at all because by that time I had already gone through my Casting Call audition, as well as shot for Special Editions in Chicago.

Steve Gustafson: Cool and calm like a pro! Since your issue has hit the stands, how has life changed for you?

Kylie Johnson: Besides being known as Miss February and meeting some amazing new people at the Mansion, not much. I'm still studying hard in school and that remains the center of my focus.

Steve Gustafson: I have to respect your focus! Very cool. OK, a few reader's wanted me to ask how you spent your Valentine's Day?

Kylie Johnson: My best friend and I made dinner at home and then went to see the Phantom of the Opera live at the Venetian in Las Vegas. It was a fabulous performance!

Steve Gustafson: I was in Vegas recently and wanted to catch Phantom. Sounds like a great way to spend Valentine's. You were born in California but grew up in New York. If you had to pick a coast, which would it be?

Kylie Johnson: Hmm, that's a difficult one. Both have their own perks. I'd have to choose the west coast but somewhere that is driving distance to the snow.

Steve Gustafson I'll let you have that one. (Laughs) One of the most interesting points from your interview was your musical likes! Hard-core metal! Who's currently on your play list?

Kylie Johnson: Miss May I will always be on my playlist but other than that, Despised Icon is great and Five Finger Death Punch are the ones I listen to most often.

Steve Gustafson: You're no joke! So we know what you like to listen to. We know your favorite novel is Of Mice and Men. You mentioned your dream date would include popping a movie! What movie would melt your heart?

Kylie Johnson: The Holiday with Cameron Diaz is one of my all time favorites as well as Phantom of the Opera.

Steve Gustafson:
Wow. The Holiday! I never would have guessed that! What's next for you? Plans for 2011?

Kylie Johnson: Keep pressing on with my education and have tons of fun doing my Playboy Promotions.

Steve Gustafson: Cool. Cool. OK, if fans wanted to keep in touch, do you have a website/Twitter/Facebook fanpage they can follow?

Kylie Johnson: Yes. They can follow me on Twitter @MissFeb2011 and there is a Facebook fan page that I was made aware of recently that a fan of mine had made. If you type in Kylie Johnson it should pop up.

Steve Gustafson: Awesome. I'm sure you'll be getting plenty of new fans! Kylie, thanks and good luck with your studies!

You still have time to grab her issue! All photos are courtesy of Playboy magazine!


Thursday, March 31, 2011

Rich Gaenzler
Kylie Johnson- Miss February 2011- Playboy Playmate

You guys got probably one of the greatest compliments when Playboy bunny Kylie Johnson listed As Blood Runs Black as one of her favorite bands. Be honest: how much of an ego boost was that?
[Both Nick and Lech laughing]
Lech: That made my d**k go from four inches to seven inches. It was a blast. 
Nick: Yeah, definite ego boost! At first, I thought it was a joke. My cousin Brad was like, “Hey dude, Playboy mentioned you!” and I was like, “Man, shut the f**k up! Get the f**k outta here! Quit pulling my leg!” Then, in our horny little minds we went to go see what’s up. There in the ‘Centerfold Interests’ was her and her musical tastes and we were listed. I mean, definite ego boost but I’m not here to stroke my own c**k. If she wants to stroke it for me, that’s fine! [laughs]


For me, the coolest thing was that it was basically free advertising that would have cost millions of dollars. So many men read that magazine, ESPECIALLY the ‘Centerfold Interest’ because we want to see how we match up to hot individuals. It was f**king awesome.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Kylie Johnson: Playboy’s Playmate of the Month (February) Interview

The oh so beautiful and super nice Kylie Johnson is Playboy’s Playmate of the Month (February). I actually had the chance to interview the former cheerleader the other day and you can read all about our chat below which includes some amazing pictures of Kylie, trust me you will want to see them.
Kylie Johnson

Each month Playboy features a new Playmate and February’s is Miss Kylie Johnson, who was thrilled to be featured in the issue that is all about love because as she puts it she may be rock and roll but she is also very romantic. Oh yes the 19 year old is all about spreading the love. Thanks to Kylie for taking the time talk to me you can learn more about her in our interview, she is one heck of a lady I will say that.
Q. Congratulations on being Miss February. You were discovered at a Playboy Casting Call. Can you talk about the process you went through to become the Playmate of the Month?
A. I signed up to be a part of an open call on the Internet. I then had to drive to Toronto where the call was being held. They liked my look and about a week later I was notified that I was going to be put on line. My picture got a ton of hits so they then asked me to fly to Chicago to participate in a shoot for a special edition. After that I was asked to fly to LA for a Playmate cast shoot where I learned that Hef had approved me as a Playmate. It was such an amazing process.
Q. What was it like seeing yourself in the famous magazine?
A. It was surreal. I was actually at the studio when I saw the issue for the very first time. I was so excited to see myself in the magazine that I forgot to read the article. It was unbelievable.
Q. You have said you are a romantic, given that quality about you how special was it that you were a part of the Valentine issue?
A. I was very happy that it was February. It is all about romance so it make this whole experience even more special for me.
Q. You recently hosted the Playboy Comedy Show at The Lounge at the Palms Casino Resort what was that like?
A. It was so much fun. The whole experience was amazing. I got to hang out with Robert Kelly and Paul Hughes which was so much fun. Plus the fans were amazing. It was nice to have people request my autograph and also to just have the fans be so supportive was great. I actually met a nurse anesthetist, which I am currently studying to be, so we started talking and that was really nice.
Q. Can you tell me a little bit about your background, your family, where you grew up etc?
A. I am from upstate New York, just outside of Buffalo from a town called Cheektowaga. My parents met in the military so my dad traveled a lot. I am an only child so my mom and I were on our own at times. As with everything I do, like when I was a cheerleader, my parents are so supportive of me being in the magazine. They are great. My mom was so excited that she was always on line finding things out as I went through the process.
Q. You are a studying to become a nurse anesthetist, how have managed to juggle your studies with your Playboy duties?
A. I am currently going to school in Vegas and I have about 3 years left before I get my degree. I knew that I wanted to be a nurse but wasn’t exactly sure what type of nurse. I kind of stumbled across being an anesthetist and after researching it I realized it was what I wanted to do. An anesthetist is like an anesthesiologist but instead you monitor vitals during the patient’s procedure and wake them up after it is done. I am balancing school and my Playboy duties fine now but I would like to move to LA after this semester. I love it there, my friends are there and of course so is the mansion. I will continue my studies when I move there.
Q. What is next for you besides your Miss February duties and your studies?
A. Right now I am just focusing on school and promotions for the magazine. I hosted a Super Bowl party in San Fransisco last weekend. In March I will be in Buffalo for a trade show.
Q. What do you like to do in your free time, not that it sounds like you have much?
A. In the winter I love to snowboard. I am also a big movie buff especially when it comes to action film. I also like to go to the driving range and hit some golf balls.
Q. What words best describe you?
A. I am very hardworking as well as very ambitious. Those describe me best.
Q. Is there anything else our readers should know about Kylie Johnson?
A. Please follow me on Twitter @MissFeb2011.
Kylie Johnson is Playboy’s Playmate of the Month (February) and if you haven’t picked up your copy of the magazine then I highly suggest you do. She is a really great girl and the article on her is fantastic, not to mention the photos are gorgeous.

Kylie Johnson PhotoKylie Johnson 3Kylie Johnson 4


Sunday, February 13, 2011

Words and Music by K. Johnson

She's raised all kinda fences
Put up her defenses
But she'll always tell you
Where she's coming from

Though there's no confusion
If you mistake illusion
For something more than passion
Something more than fun...


She'll tell you
This is gonna hurt
There's no need in lying
When you're face down in the dirt
Remember when you're crying
She told you from the start
Keep both hands on your heart
I don't mean to scold you
But remember when she told you
She's always been a girl
Who likes to flirt
So this is gonna hurt

Lovers in the past
Thought that it would last
Imagine their surprise
When she walked away

Though there was romance
They never had a chance
She said they shoulda listened
To what she had to say


She told them
This is gonna hurt
There's no need in lying
When you're face down in the dirt
Remember when you're crying
She told you from the start
Keep both hands on your heart
I don't mean to scold you
But remember when she told you
She's always been a girl
Who likes to flirt
So this is gonna hurt

Now that you're alone
You wonder what went wrong
And though she tried to warn you
You never did believe

But the things you started feeling
To her they weren't appealing
And somewhere deep inside you
You never thought she'd leave


So this is gonna hurt
There's no need in lying
When you're face down in the dirt
Remember when you're crying
She told you from the start
Keep both hands on your heart
I don't mean to scold you
But remember when she told you
She's always been a girl
Who likes to flirt
So this is gonna hurt
This is gonna hurt

© copyright 2011 K. Johnson